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Technology is key.
Technology is key.

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Certified court reporters



As guardians of the record, we will produce the highest quality verbatim record that you will find.  Professionalism, a superior product, and an accurate record is our promise.  And we bring cookies, because why not?

We also provide transcription of audio in all forms.




We have decades of experience in litigation of all kinds, including civil rights, environmental, wrongful death, medical malpractice, construction, employment, personal injury, and more. 

Guardians of the record

Contact us at:

(206) 313-9888

900 N. 73rd Street, Suite 106
Seattle, WA  98103

I appreciate the work attorneys do and I believe
they appreciate my professionalism, calm
demeanor, and sense of humor.   ~amanda




After years of working in varying capacities with attorneys, we know exactly what judges, attorneys, and their staffs need. 

We offer 25% off the first-time-booking appearance fee.  Plus the cookies. 


"Amanda Varona is my go-to court reporter.  Whether your event is a contentious 4-lawyer discovery deposition, a documents preservation matter, or a crucial hearing, Amanda is the master.  If you like hard work, speed and efficiency, call her."

John Muenster, Esq., Seattle